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Finance and Accounting Services

We offer many great services for your business.

Finance and Accounting Services

Our BPO solutions help you to improve quality, accuracy and timeliness of your finance and accounting business process.

Accounts Receivable Management Services
Payroll Processing Services
Financial Analysis & Reporting Services

Accounts Receivable Management Services

The main target and goal of any business is to maintain cash flow and maximize profits.

Our Accounts Receivable Management service will be tailored to fit customer needs, ensuring that the invoices for the products and services he’s providing, are being paid on time. Maxbpo agents will handle the entire process of collecting receivables and payables for the client’s business finding solutions that help prevent overdue payments or underperforming debt.

Our Team will take care of the execution of the entire reminder process, monitoring the delivery and efficiency of the processes and record the disputes and tracking the payment plan.

Accounts Payable Services

The Maxbpo accounts payable department is essential to producing an accurate balance sheet, being responsible for accurately tracking unpaid debts to third-party vendors, ensuring payments are properly approved and processing payments.

We are processing expenses like transportation and logistics; power, energy and fuel; products and equipment; leasing; licensing and other services. It also involves tasks such as seeking trade credit lines, acquiring favorable terms of purchase, and managing the timing and flow of purchase.

Financial Analysis & Reporting Services

Financial analysis and reporting services are an integral part of the overall financial analysis performed, providing insight into the business’s financial future and growth.

Maxbpo’s qualified agents are responsible for preparing various financial reports and tax returns, covering all five key areas: revenue, profits, operating efficiency, capital efficiency and solvency and liquidity. We will manage the preparation of balance sheets, financial statements, cash flow statements, daily accounting and reporting.


Data protection

Data protection is paramount for Max Business Solutions, since we work with personal and other sensitive data.
We can gladly conclude a detailed confidentiality agreement, in accordance to BDSG.
We continously improve our data protection processes according to ISO 27001 and ISO 27002.
A German data protection officer can also be appointed. Because Romania is part of the EU, the data protection standards are aligned to European laws.

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