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Payroll Services / HR

We offer many great services for your business.

Payroll Services / HR

We offer a variety of services that will take care of your recruitment concerns, employee record keeping all the way to payroll services and accounting.

Employee and HR Services
HR Administration
Reporting & HR Controlling
Payroll Calculation

Payroll Processing Services

Maintaining a company’s payroll up-to-date and accurate is a fundamental duty for any business. Outsourcing payroll services helps companies save time and money by reducing administrative working hours and giving customers the opportunity to focus on business growth initiatives.

Maxbpo provides a variety of services related to business’s payroll needs, including not only salary but also the financial records related to an employee’s work history, such as holidays, loan advances, reimbursements deductions, bonuses, overtime, taxes, and more. We ensure the delivery of the employee’s pay, while choosing from various options like paper checks, direct deposit or mobile payment while also offering access to our specialists available for our customers 24/7.


Tax processing can be a tedious and complex task, therefore outsourcing these services to Maxbpo trained professionals will allow the organization to focus on growth business opportunities.

Maxbpo HR department offer’s solutions for the calculation of the withheld of income tax from payroll payments to employees in accordance with state regulations, wage garnishment processing, guidance on payroll deductions and payroll compliance and tax Protection.

Time and attendance

With the changing preference of the employer to opt more and more for remote work, employee monitoring programs are increasingly in demand.

Maxbpo offers monitoring and timing solutions in the means tracking paid time off, vacation time, sick and parental leave, personal days, integrating time and attendance tools with the payroll system to automatically share employee data.

Mobile access

Maxbpo is offering tools for employees which permit using a mobile device to clock-in or out, to track attendance time, submit vacation days. Also these tools offer the possibility for the employee to have an overview of the planning of the holidays, approved and remaining vacation days.

Employee and HR Services

Maxbpo HR department takes over the management and responsibility of certain HR function. These functions include workforce administration, external recruitment, relocation, employee rewards and recognition and overall human capital management. Our agents are providing information and assistance to employees.


Maxbpo HR specialists can tailor specific reports which are tailored according to the needs of the customer.

Reports which are accessible among all aspects of the payroll processes: inspecting and comparing data points like full-time versus part-time personnel, employee turnover, open jobs and the time it takes to make new hires, taxes and time and presence.

Data protection

Data protection is paramount for Max Business Solutions, since we work with personal and other sensitive data.
We can gladly conclude a detailed confidentiality agreement, in accordance to BDSG.
We continously improve our data protection processes according to ISO 27001 and ISO 27002.
A German data protection officer can also be appointed. Because Romania is part of the EU, the data protection standards are aligned to European laws.

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